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I am a self taught photographer that has always had a passion for capturing life's candid moments.

Growing up with a grandmother that was always taking pictures with her kodak camera I was lucky enough to be able to look back at and reminisce before the time of iPhones. She taught me the value of not just having a picture from that day but being able to capture the memories. My personal journey with photography started at a young age when she gave me my first camera, a polaroid that I learned how to use by sneaking up on family members only to catch them off guard with a blinding flash and loud mechanical grind of my camera freezing that moment.

I enjoy using all forms of photographic mediums from digital, drones, film, and still polaroids.

My previous photography experience is as hobbyist, wedding photographer, and social media contributor for Chevrolet and Jeep

Available for small group sessions, single and family portraits and pet shoots.

I can be reached at


Or my personal email:

Jefffcarlson@gmail.com (Jeff with 3 F's)